Packing for a Cross Country/Track Meet

With practices, school, homework, and a job it can be easy to forget items while packing for a meet.  There were many times that I packed my meet bag not long before I left and I ended up missing items. Here is a list of what I packed in my meet bags for high school and collegiate races:

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Running While on Vacation

Vacations are usually times to unwind and relax; however, many runners are still training for races and will run during a vacation.

I would suggest trying to have your off-season or break from running during your vacation.   I think this is the best option.  Try to find a race right before or at the beginning of your vacation.  This allows you to run and race and then you can take a one to two week break during your vacation.  This way you can just relax and not worry about trying to fit a run into the vacation.


If your off-season/break is not during your vacation, don’t worry it is still possible to fit training into the vacation.

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Tips for Your First Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon over winter break this year and I had a great time.   I loved the scenery of the race and how long the race was.  It was challenging and I made some mistakes but I learned how to prepare and run my next half marathon.


Here are some tips for your first half marathon:


  1. Pay attention to the weather:

This was one of the mistakes that I made. It was chilly before the start of the race, around 40°, so I wore a tank top, shorts, and a long sleeve on top.  I then pinned my bib number onto my long sleeve, which was a mistake.  I did not realize how quickly it would warm up and I was hot by mile 3 of the 13.1-mile race.  I spent the rest of the race trying to cool myself down.  At water stations I would take a small sip of water and then dump the rest on my head.  It is better to be a little cold before the race than to be hot the majority of the race.

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Should I Run Cross Country in College?

I run Division III cross country and I love it!  I encourage high school runners to continue running in college.  It is a commitment, but it can lead to creating many great friends and lifelong memories.


Here are 8 reasons why you should run in college:


  1. Arrive on campus early

Usually college cross country starts official practices sometime in mid-August.  This is great for freshmen because you get to move in early and avoid the craziness of move in day.  Getting to campus early also allows you to walk around campus and find all of your classes—this helps ease a lot of stress on the first day of classes. You get accustomed to the campus and college life before classes start.


  1. It is a great way to make new friends

By joining cross country, you can make new friends before the semester even starts.

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