Running While on Vacation

Vacations are usually times to unwind and relax; however, many runners are still training for races and will run during a vacation.

I would suggest trying to have your off-season or break from running during your vacation.   I think this is the best option.  Try to find a race right before or at the beginning of your vacation.  This allows you to run and race and then you can take a one to two week break during your vacation.  This way you can just relax and not worry about trying to fit a run into the vacation.


If your off-season/break is not during your vacation, don’t worry it is still possible to fit training into the vacation.

  • Think about adding in an extra rest day or two.  This will give your more flexibility with your training plan.
  • Try to plan your runs around the activities that you have planned.  On days that are less busy try to go for a run, even if it is shorter than what you would normally do.
  • Get up early and run in the morning.  This is a great option to fit in your run and see a beautiful sunrise in a new area.
  • Buy a gym membership and run on a treadmill if the weather is too hot/cold for running outside.
  • Do body weight exercises like pushups, planks, and squats to keep up on strength training without any weight lifting equipment. And you won’t have to buy a gym membership.
  • Add in cross training days and do fun activities on your vacation like walking, biking, kayaking, or swimming to replace any runs that you may miss.


Most importantly, don’t stress if you can’t fit in many or any runs during your vacation.  One or two weeks of little running will not have a large impact on your running fitness.  Enjoy your vacation,  you can start training again when you get back home.


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