Believe Training Journal Review

I was recently at Barnes and Noble and I was looking at all of the running books.  I was really excited, they had the book Meb for Mortals which I have been looking for everywhere! I was so excited that I pretty much skimmed most of the book right away.  I then saw the Believe Training Journal; I have been wanting if for over a year now! I got the journal and I love it!

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My Current Favorite Snacks

I always have snacks.  Since I run a lot and do extra strengthening exercises I have to make sure that I fuel my body properly which usually means three snacks throughout the day in addition to my meals.

Here is a list of my favorite snacks:

  • Ezekiel bread/english muffin with peanut butter
  • Apple with peanut butter

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Tracking your Runs

I love tracking my runs so I can view past workouts and see if my pace is improving.  I have used printable running logs before but I didn’t have enough room for everything that I wanted to track.  I then found an online website to log my runs but the website was down for a while and I thought I lost all of the information on my past runs.  I then decided to make my own training log.  This training log includes many things that you can track about your run: the type of run, the duration, time, pace, warm up, cool down, strength training, and a comments section.  In the comments sections I like to include information about the weather or how I was feeling during the run.

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How I Eat Healthy in College

I’m a freshman in college and I don’t have a meal plan.  My mom and I meal prep on the weekends and pack up my food and load it up in my mini-fridge every Monday.

This works well for me because my college is close to home and I go home on the weekends. I have a larger sized mini-fridge that has a freezer that fits all of my food.

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Female Athlete Triad

I wanted to talk about the female athlete triad today.  The triad is a serious condition composed of three related health conditions that can affect active women.

The three aspects of the triad:

Energy deficiency: 

  • Not eating enough for the amount of running/exercise you are doing
    • May be on purpose or accidental (forgetting to eat enough)

Menstrual problems: 

  • Amenorrhea- loss of your period
  • Can be related to the energy deficiency
  • May be related to low dietary fat intake and low body fat percentage

Low bone mass:

  • Estrogen plays a vital role in bone health
  • Not having enough estrogen (related to loss of period) can cause a decrease in bone mass causing osteopenia or osteoporosis at a relatively young age

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Mentally Preparing for Races

Here are some tips I have to mentally prepare for your next race whether it is at a track meet, cross country meet, or road race.

  • Visualize the race/course
    • For cross country/road racing, visualize what the course looks like, even if you only have a map and you haven’t been there before. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line and accomplishing your goals.
    • For track, imagine yourself running around the track making all of your splits and reaching your goal time.


  • Listen to music
    • Find a song that gets you “pumped-up” and excited to race.
    • I like to listen to one song over and over on the bus ride/car ride to the race.


  • Make a race plan
    • This can include lap times/mile times, the points to go faster during the race, and how fast you want to start out the race.

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Summer Cross Country Camp

For a long time I had wanted to go to a summer camp and I finally got the chance to go the summer before my senior year in high school.  I had so much fun going to the cross country camp and I would recommend high school runners to try at least one running camp in the summer.


I went to the St. Norbert Cross Country camp and it was great!  I went with three of my friends from my high school cross country team. I think the camp was 4 days and 3 nights.


The dorms that we stayed in were really nice!  We stayed in the dorms that are typically for upper class-men at St. Norbert.  There was a living room with couches and a table, a small kitchen that included a refrigerator, a large bathroom with lots of stalls and two showers, and four rooms.  There were two twin beds in each room but there were only four of us, so we each got our own room! I think we stayed in  Michels Hall if you look at their website.  I am pretty sure there was air conditioning too which was great since the camp was in the middle of summer.

Here are some pictures I took of the dorm room:

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