Summer Cross Country Camp

For a long time I had wanted to go to a summer camp and I finally got the chance to go the summer before my senior year in high school.  I had so much fun going to the cross country camp and I would recommend high school runners to try at least one running camp in the summer.


I went to the St. Norbert Cross Country camp and it was great!  I went with three of my friends from my high school cross country team. I think the camp was 4 days and 3 nights.


The dorms that we stayed in were really nice!  We stayed in the dorms that are typically for upper class-men at St. Norbert.  There was a living room with couches and a table, a small kitchen that included a refrigerator, a large bathroom with lots of stalls and two showers, and four rooms.  There were two twin beds in each room but there were only four of us, so we each got our own room! I think we stayed in  Michels Hall if you look at their website.  I am pretty sure there was air conditioning too which was great since the camp was in the middle of summer.

Here are some pictures I took of the dorm room:

2. Food

I remember the food being average but there were many choices.  It is typical college dining hall food.  Breakfast was really good though, there was a yogurt bar that had granola and fruit toppings.  There was also salads, pasta, chicken, and pizza for lunch and dinner.  They did have a soft serve machine and some desserts.  I packed bread and peanut butter with me so if I could not find something that I liked I ate a peanut butter sandwich.  We did get bagels one day for breakfast, which was delicious.  We also got noodles and company one day after a hard workout.


The workouts were challenging but I really liked them!  After the camp I was able to see that I could handle those harder workouts. We started the camp with a two mile time trial so the coaches could figure out our paces and groups for our harder workouts.  We sometimes did an easy run in the morning and then a harder speed workout in the evening.  We did repeats at a part one afternoon-I think they were 1000 meters. Another afternoon we went to UW Green Bay and did a workout loop near the campus. We lifted weights during the camp too.

4. Lectures/Information

I also learned new things about running.  A dietitian came in and talked to us about proper nutrition and gave us some handouts.  There was also someone there who looked at our running form and made recommendations about what type of running shoes we should wear and whether our current running shoes were a good fit for us.


5. Freetime

I was surprised by how much freetime that we got during the camp.  I wasn’t expecting that we got a good amount of freetime but we did! It was nice to cool off and relax or take a nap.



We also did hot yoga one day which was surprisingly really fun! I was unsure how it would be doing yoga in such a hot temperature but it was great! We also had a volleyball tournament which was fun too.

One of my favorite parts of the camp was the last night when we played extreme spoons.  If you have not heard of spoons, it is a game where each player gets four cards.  Once you get four of a kind you grab a spoon or if you see someone else grab a spoon you grab a spoon too.  There is one less spoon than there are players so one player loses each round.  That was how you play normal spoons, extreme spoons is really crazy and fun.  Instead of having the spoons right in front of you, the spoons were hidden throughout the residence hall.  After someone got four of a kind everyone jumped up and ran around trying to find the spoons.  The game got really crazy and competitive but it was so much fun! There were spoons hidden underneath stairs, on ledges on the walls, and even inside dryers.




I would highly recommend that high school runners find a running camp that works for them and try it out! You can learn new running techniques, make great friends, and have a lot of fun!



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