Believe Training Journal Review

I was recently at Barnes and Noble and I was looking at all of the running books.  I was really excited, they had the book Meb for Mortals which I have been looking for everywhere! I was so excited that I pretty much skimmed most of the book right away.  I then saw the Believe Training Journal; I have been wanting if for over a year now! I got the journal and I love it!

The front cover is really cute! I love the motivational phrases and the colors.

The training journal has enough weekly training logs for a entire year of running.  In the training log I like to include the type of run, the mileage, time, pace, and mile times.  I also include any extra workouts I do like ab workouts, strengthening exercises, and weight lifting. There is also a great spot to put your rating of the run and how you felt during the run.


Here is a look at one side of the training log in the Believe Training Journal

There are also pages about nutrition, goals, quizzes, and workouts. The pages are full of very helpful tips for running. I found these pages really helpful and I have already tried one of the workouts included in the journal.

The back includes race plans and race reviews which will be helpful on race day and looking back at past races.

There are a few pages to include how your training is going.  On one of these pages I included my current PRs from 800 meters to half marathon.

I absolutely love this journal and I recommend that others get it too if they like to track their runs! I love that in the future I will be able to look back and view my past workouts and race reviews.



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