Race Recap: Mount Dora Half Marathon

My first half-marathon was in Mount Dora, Florida.  The race worked out perfectly; I had a family vacation (to Disney World!!) and this half marathon was on the second day of our trip and it was about an hour away from the condo my family was renting.

I woke up early the day of the race-I think it was before 5:00am.  That was especially early because my family and I flew into Orlando the day before and we had to get up before 4:00am.  When we got to the course it was very chilly. My mom and I left right away to pick up our race packets.

I was nervous on the drive there but once I started pinning on my bib number I got really nervous.  I was unsure if I would be able to achieve my goals for the race. My goals were to run under 1:30 (pace: 6:51) and be in the top 3 for women.  I had used my cross country training as most of my half marathon training so I really had four weeks of training dedicated to the half marathon.

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Living in a Single Dorm Room

I am finally done with all of my exams and it’s summer break now!! I was able to get a single dorm room for this semester and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about living in a single dorm room as a freshmen.

During winter break I was excited to receive an email that confirmed my single dorm room!  I was so excited that I started planning out how I was going to arrange my room and how I was going to decorate it.

The first day back for the spring semester I walked into my new dorm room and it just seemed very small.  The bed took up most of the space on the right side of the room and there didn’t seem to be enough room for everything that I brought back. However, once my family and I turned the bed so the long way was against the window (like it is in the picture below), the room was completely opened up and felt bigger!
Here are a few pictures of how I set up my dorm room:


This is what it looks like when you first walk in

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Day in Life of Half Marathoner in College

I have been so busy studying for my exams that I did not have time to put up my blog posts for this week, sorry about that! I only have my exercise physiology exam and lab report left though and then I will be done with my freshmen year of college!

I have been busy training for my next half marathon (Cellcom in Green Bay, WI) throughout this semester. Here is a look into a typical Thursday of my spring semester while I am busy with class and training.

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