Living in a Single Dorm Room

I am finally done with all of my exams and it’s summer break now!! I was able to get a single dorm room for this semester and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about living in a single dorm room as a freshmen.

During winter break I was excited to receive an email that confirmed my single dorm room!  I was so excited that I started planning out how I was going to arrange my room and how I was going to decorate it.

The first day back for the spring semester I walked into my new dorm room and it just seemed very small.  The bed took up most of the space on the right side of the room and there didn’t seem to be enough room for everything that I brought back. However, once my family and I turned the bed so the long way was against the window (like it is in the picture below), the room was completely opened up and felt bigger!
Here are a few pictures of how I set up my dorm room:


This is what it looks like when you first walk in

All of the papers on the wall are inspirational quotes that I found from Pinterest and printed them off.  On the far left wall I also have some pictures and running quotes hung on twine with mini clothes pins-I also got this idea from Pinterest! I had lots of room for my clothes in the dresser and there is even more storage underneath my bed.


I was able to stack my bookcase on top of my desk which really opened up the space in my room.  It was also a great place for pictures, cards, and my textbooks.


My desk and mini-fridge

This picture shows my mini-fridge and part of my closet.  On top of my fridge I have a Brita pitcher and bananas (with a banana holder). I have more pictures of my friends and family on my fridge.  My dorm room last semester didn’t have the extra mirror or light so I was happy to find that this dorm room did!


In my closet I have a shoe holder that I used for little things, I actually rarely used it to hold my shoes.  Next to that I have a purple clothe holder that fits all of my t-shirts.  The closet extends to the back wall where I had a three-tiered plastic storage bin to store items like extra notebooks and shampoo.  Underneath the clothes holders I had my two shower caddys.  On the top shelf in my closet I have my plates and cups.  There is even more storage above that closet that goes back pretty far!

I was worried about having enough room to store all of my stuff but there was a lot of storage throughout my room.

I absolutely loved having a single dorm room this semester. I loved that I had my own space and that I could decorate it however I wanted.  It was nice to be able to turn the lights on and off when I woke up and went to bed.  I also like Skyping my family so having my own room allowed me to Skype whenever I wanted to. I always had a quiet place to study which was nice if I didn’t want to walk to the library.

One drawback to a single room is that it does get a little lonely, especially towards the end of the semester.  But this just forces you to go outside of your room and hangout or do homework with friends.

If you are thinking about getting a single dorm room I would highly recommend it!  I would  recommend waiting until your second semester of freshmen year or sophomore year to move into a single. That way you have friends and aren’t in your room all alone all the time.


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