Day at Magic Kingdom 2015


Last summer my family and I went on vacation in Florida and we did one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Disney Springs. My family and I have been to Magic Kingdom many times but this was the best day that we have had there.  We went on all the rides that we wanted to and didn’t wait in line for too long.

Here is a review of our day:

We woke up around 5:25. My family and I stay in a condo that is on the Gulf of Mexico so it’s about a 2 hour drive to Disney. We then got ready and left around 6:20.

We got to Magic Kingdom so early that taking a bus there was our only option. The monorail and ferry weren’t open yet. By the time we got in front of the train station it was around 8:20 which was great because I wanted to see the Welcome Cermony.  During the welcome ceremony most of the Disney character come riding in on the train and there is lots of music and dancing.  It finishes with a countdown to the park opening and a few fireworks!

The Welcome Cermony ended around 8:50 and Magic Kingdom opened at 9:00 that morning so we got in 10 minutes early! Our plan was to then head over to Frontierland. Here are a few pictures on the way to Frontierland:

Since it was so early there was barely anyone in the park. It was so cool because usually Magic Kingdom is packed!

We love Splash Mountain so that was our first ride! We had to wait a few minutes for the ride to open but then we just walked right on! Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides so it was great to go on it first. After that we went on Big Thunder Mountain which was also a short wait time.

Then we walked back to Adventureland and went on Jungle Cruise which is another great ride. We also went and watched the Tiki Room. Because of the short wait we also went on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin which we hadn’t done in years. It was then lunch time so we got lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe where I had the southwest salad which I really enjoyed. There was a parade going on while we were walking to Tomorrowland so we watched the parade for a little bit.

In Tomorrowland we used our Fastpass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Next was the PeopleMover.  I like taking pictures of Tomorrowland while on this ride. Also in Tomorrowland was Stitch’s Great Escape and Monsters Ink Laugh Floor which we also went on. There was a show going on at the castle after we finished the ride so we took a few minutes and watched.


The Under the Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid was a new ride when we were in Magic Kingdom and it also had a short wait so we went on it. I really enjoyed the music on that ride.  We also checked out Bonjour! Village Gifts which was new at the time and is a really cute store.  We even waited in the long line (which was pretty much our only long line) and went on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which I really enjoyed.  Its a Small World is a classic Magic Kingdom ride which also went on. We also saw Mickey’s PhilharMagic which is one of my favorite attractions in all of Walt Disney World!! I love looking at all the shops in Magic Kingdom so we stopped in Sir Mickey’s and looked around.

After looking through some shops we used our second Fastpass on Buzz Lightyear again-its such a great ride!  It was getting very hot at this time because it was the middle of the afternoon so it was great to cool off in the Carousel of Progress.  We had our final Fastpass for Splash Mountain so we went on it again!

My family loves Pecos Bill so we went there again for dinner.  After dinner we walked through Swiss Family Treehouse where I took a few pictures.

The Haunted Mansion was up next but unfortunately the ride had technical difficulties so were stuck on the ride for around 30 minutes.  The cast members weren’t able to fix the ride so we were escorted off but it was interesting because all the lights came on so we got to look around at the ride.We got off the Haunted Mansion just in time for the firework show so we found a spot near the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant and watched the fireworks.  There were some trees in the way of our view but it was still great.  The fireworks are one of my favorite parts of Magic Kingdom; they always make me a little sad though because it means our day at Magic Kingdom is almost over.

As I said earlier, we love Splash Mountain so we went on it for the third time!  This was my first time riding Splash Mountain in the dark and I loved it! The Electrical Parade was also starting so we took a seat near Pecos Bill and watched.

I took a few pictures of all the buildings lit up at night and we stopped in the Main Street Confectionary and I finished the day with a delicious Mickey Peanut Butter Cup! 🙂


Overall, this was our best trip to Magic Kingdom yet! We went on 16 rides/attractions, went on Splash Mountain/Buzz Lightyear twice, saw two parades, saw the Welcome Ceremony, and watched the Wishes Firework Show. It was a great day and tips on how we were able to ride all theses rides will be up soon! 🙂


What is your favorite ride/attraction in Magic Kingdom?


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