Friday Favorites: Magic Kingdom 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have been having a great summer! 🙂

I love Magic Kingdom. I think it feels the most magical and the most like Disney, especially with Cinderella Castle. 🙂 I really enjoy everything in Magic Kingdom but I wanted to share some of my favorite things.

Favorite land: Frontierland 

This was a tough choice because I really like Frontierland and Fantasyland but I had to go with Frontierland. I love Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. There is also a pretty large pin shop called Frontier Trading Post; I love pins so I also love this store!

Favorite ride/attraction(s): Splash Mountain and Mickey’s Philarmagic 

It’s so hard to pick just one attraction so I’m going to pick two. I love Splash Mountain and how there’s the brer rabbit story that goes along with the ride; and the big drop! Mickey’s Philarmagic is such a great ride too. My favorite scene is when the Be Our Guest song plays and you can even smell the desserts. I also like the part with Aladdin and Jasmine flying and singing on the magic carpet.


Favorite entertainment: Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Wishes has the best fireworks I have ever seen and its the perfect way to end a great day at Magic Kingdom.


Favorite restaurant: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Tavern Inn and Cafe

While I usually pack a lunch and dinner while in Magic Kingdom, my favorite restaurant would have to be Pecos Bill. My favorite meal there is the Southwest Salad with Chicken.

Favorite candy shop: Main Street Confectionery

This is the place in Magic Kingdom to get delicious desserts! The candy store is huge and has so many different dessert choices. I love getting the huge chocolate chip Mickey cookies here. I would also recommend getting the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie, Mickey peanut butter cup, and the mint Mickey ears brownie. Everything tastes so good! I also loved the chocolate croissant from Gaston’s Tavern; it had chocolate drizzled on top!


Favorite gift shop: Bonjour! Village Gifts

Bonjour! Village Gifts is a really cute gift shop in Fantasyland. It is full of souvenirs with a Beauty and the Beast theme. I really like the interconnected shops on Main Street but I still had to pick this as my favorite gift shop.


Favorite dessert: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Huge Mickey Chocolate Chip Cookie

I love cookies (and peanut butter and chocolate) so these two cookies are definitely my favorite! You can get them at many places throughout Disney World. In Magic Kingdom you can find them in the Main Street Confectionery. I think you can also find them at the General Store in Frotierland. I get both of these cookies every time I go to Disney.



What is your favorite Disney park? What are your favorite things in Magic Kingdom? Do you have any plans for the weekend? 


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