Dorm Room Tour/Move in Day


Hi everyone! I already posted pictures of my single dorm room from last school year but for first semester I was in a double. I decided to post pictures of my first dorm room to give you ideas on how to decorate/set up your dorm room.
I moved in to my dorm room during the middle of August last year.  I had to move in about 2 weeks early because of cross country practice. Move in day was a little stressful. It was nice that there wasn’t too many people moving in because it was only the athletes move in day. However, my family and I had only around 2 hours to get everything into my dorm room and set up before I had to meet the team for lunch in the dining hall.

The first set of pictures is the other half of my dorm room just how it was set up when I walked in.


It is a good idea to have a plan of how you want your dorm room set up so move in day is less stressful. I knew that I wanted to loft my bed so that is what we started with on my side of the room. The furniture at the college that I attended is stackable so we didn’t need any pins or screws to loft my bed. We just had to stack some furniture and then but my bed on top. After we bunked my bed my family and I started to move in the items that I brought. We were then able to start decorating a little bit. If you are moving in to a dorm this fall don’t worry about decorating your room right away. If you have time then go ahead but otherwise focus on moving your furniture around and getting all of your stuff into the room.

The last set of pictures that I have are of my dorm room all decorated!


Here is my closet; which you see when you first walk into the door


Another view of my closet. The cubby on top of my closet had plenty of room for storage.


My bed lofted. I had a really cute comforter with yellow flowers on it to match my room but it was too hot to use it. If you get a really cute comforter you can sleep on top of it and use a thiner blanket on top-this is what I did in my dorm room second semester.


Another view of my bed (now with the ladder) and the rest of the room.


This is what it looked like underneath my bed. I put my snacks on the shelves and most of my clothes in the drawers of my dresser.


A view of my desk.


Another view of my desk. I would recommend getting one of the black trays that is attached to the top of my bed; its a great place to put your phone and glasses, if you have them. I also had my mini fridge in the back corner. I have some pictures hanging towards the top of the wall too. In the purple crates in the bottom right corner of the picture I put plates, utensils, spices for my food, and cleaning supplies.


After everything was set up in the room I said good bye to my family and then went to meet my team in the campus center for lunch.

Lofting my bed ending up being a really great idea. The room felt pretty spacious too. I had a nice area to do homework and I could relax in the fuzzy chair underneath my bed. I was worried about the amount of storage in my room before I moved in but there was plenty of storage. There was storage on top of my closet, in my closet, in my dresser, and on shelves on my other furniture.


I hope these pictures help you to plan the layout and decoration of your dorm room! 🙂


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