Tips to PR: Motivation

Hi everyone! 🙂

I’m going to start my first blog series on tips to help you PR (personal record) in your races. These tips will generally work for any distance but I will be focusing on PRs for cross country.

Becoming and staying motivated is a huge aspect involved in running that can help you PR.  Sometimes the hardest part of preseason training is getting motivated to run. You need to stay motivated throughout the preseason in order to follow a training schedule and complete your workouts. Being motivated to run throughout the summer will build up your running fitness. This can then help you to PR during your races.

Ways to become/stay motivated to run:

  • Write down your goals

Pick a place and write down the goals you have for the upcoming race or season. This can be in a journal, planner, or on a sticky note. Be specific with your goals and don’t be afraid to aim high; write down big goals and dreams. I have cross country goals that I made the beginning of high school that I will be finally close to achieving in the upcoming cross country season.

When you become unmotivated or don’t feel like running, take a look at your list of goals and think to yourself that your training can help you achieve the goals.

  • Look up running quotes or start a Pinterest board

In high school when I didn’t feel like running I would go on Pinterest and read/pin inspirational running quotes. This always helped me to want to go running.

  • Print out running quotes

To take the last tip one step further, print out quotes and tape them around your room. I even printed out the Pinterest pins that I found and put them on my bulletin board at home.

  • Listen to music

There are a few songs that I always try to listen to before my meets or races. Find songs that get you ready to run and listen to them on the days that it’s hard to get outside and run.

  • Visualize yourself achieving your goals

Picturing  yourself getting a certain time or place in a race can help you to want to do everything you can to make your running goals and dreams come true.

  • Read books/blogs about running

Reading books and blogs by Olympic runners always gets me excited to go out and run! I also like to follow famous runners on Instagram and look at their pictures and recaps of their races/workouts.

The above tips are the main ways I stay motivated to run in the preseason. The one that I use the most is visualizing myself reaching my goals; this helps me to want to run so I can achieve my goals during the season.

How do you stay motivated to run in the preseason?


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