Tips to PR: Strides

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I have been busy working and running. I babysit during the day and then have another job for a few hours on the weekend. I’m also starting to plan the decorations for my dorm room!

This is the second blog in my Tips to PR series. If you missed the first one about motivation click here to read it.

One thing that has really helped my training is doing strides. Instead of running easy most of the week you get your body a little familiar  with running at a faster pace.

Start by doing  3-4 by 0.06 miles (about 100 meters). Between each stride take a little bit of a walking break. You can do these strides once or twice a week after easy runs. After doing the strides for two to three weeks start adding an extra stride until you get to 6-7 by 100 meter strides. You can also add an extra day and do the strides two to three times a week after easy runs.

When you do the strides, run them around mile race pace. It doesn’t need to be exactly your mile pace, but be sure to run at a pace that is faster than your easy runs. This gets your body used to running faster instead of the same easy pace throughout the summer.

I started doing strides after my easy runs last year and I definitely think that they have helped me to achieve PRs.


I hope you enjoyed this post and PR in your next race!


Do you do strides after you run? 


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