Tips to PR: Strength training

Strength training is such an important part of running. Regularly strength training can help you to PR by reducing injuries. I am going to group weight lifting, strengthening exercises, and ab workouts as all part of strength training. 

Weight lifting:

Weight lifting is great to do for runners. This helps to build strength which can prevent injuries. I aim to weight lift twice a week but it usually ends up being once a week. I follow a weight lifting plan that Tina Muir posted on her blog (

Strengthening exercises:

I do strengthening exercises 3-4 times a week. This includes exercises like clam shells, side leg raises, and donkey kicks. I also do speed skaters too. When I do those exercises I do 2 sets of 20 reps of each exercise.  I think it’s so important to do strengthening exercises to reduce injury and to speed up recovery from injuries. 

I also like using resistance bands. I use a band for my ankles to strengthen them. I also tie the resistance band together and do monster walks where you take big steps (forward/backward) and walk to the side while squatting  down a little bit. 

Ab workouts:

Having a strong core can help your running. I really enjoy doing ab workouts and I try to do 15mins every other day. I really love planks so I do about 10 mins of different planks and about 5 mins of different ab exercises I have learned from Blogilates YouTube videos. I would suggest starting at once or twice a week with 5 min ab workouts and then you can slowly increase  the time and frequency if you want. 
I hope this post helped you to learn more ways to help you PR in your races. I will be doing more posts in the future about more specific exercises that I do for each of the different strength training categories I have listed above.

Do you strength train? If so what is your favorite kind of strength training? 


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