What to Expect from Joining Cross Country

When I was a freshmen entering high school, I knew I loved running and that I wanted to join the cross country team.  I was really nervous to join the team though!  I didn’t know what to expect of anything-the meets, the team, and the practices.  I wanted to make a post for girls who are thinking about joining cross country, so you know what to expect.


For me, practice started during the last two weeks of summer.  The practices lasted around 2 hours in the morning. We would do our warm up, run, stretch, and then possibly abs/weight lifting/leave early. Once school started our practices switched to after school.


The Team:

Cross country teams are typically smaller teams which allows for a family atmosphere.  I loved cross country in high school, my teammates and I were so close and I made many friends! 

Cross country is  a great way to make friends especially when you’re starting high school because practice usually starts in August before school starts. You then would be able to make friends before even starting high school.



Most of our meets were an hour bus ride or less away from my high school. We would get to the meets around 2 hours before the first race which gave us plenty of time to warm up and see the course before the race. Races typically are during the mid morning so around 9 or 10am. There are usually 4 races: one varsity and one junior varsity race for boys and one varsity and one junior varsity for girls. The meets aren’t too long; if we left around 7:00am we would usually be back by the early afternoon. 

Team bonding:

My cross country team had many team bonding activities where we got together and had fun as a team.  The most popular team bonding activity that we did was going to pasta parties. We would go to one of my teammate’s house and have pasta and talk the evening before our race. I have also gone on camping trips and have had movie nights with my team mates. 

Running cross country was one of the highlights of my high school experience.  I loved it so much and made so many great friends and memories! If you enjoy running I would highly recommend looking into running cross country in high school. 🙂 

Do you run cross country? 




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