Surviving Summer Running

Happy Friday everyone! Even though it is already August (crazy!), I want to share my tips and favorite items that help me beat the heat of running during the summer.


My first tip for summer running is to run early in the morning. It is much cooler in the morning compared to the evening. This can help you so you’re not running when its really hot and the sun is beating down on you. If you can’t run early in the morning I have my favorite items listed below that help me in the heat.


Water Bottle: CamelBak Chute 1L 

This is my favorite water bottle to use throughout the day. I like that it has the spout cap rather than a straw-like cap of some of the other bottles. The spout cap also allows you to drink water faster which can help you stay hydrated.


Running Water Bottle: Nathan QuickShot Plus

I love the water bottle, especially for summer running! It is very easy to run with and it holds 10 oz of water. I take this on almost all of my runs throughout the summer. I also like to squirt some of the water on my head which keeps me cool while I’m running.


Running Shoes: New Balance 880v5 shoes

I love my New Balance running shoes. They have a little bit of a cushion which feels great for running. They aren’t specifically for summer running just running in general and I love them! 

Recovery drink: Nuun in triple berry 

After long runs of around 60mins and up I like to drink a glass of water with triple berry nuuns. I like how the nuuns help my electrolyte levels and triple berry is a great flavor!

Sunscreen: Banana Boat Spray on Sport Sunscreen SPF 50

I always put on sunscreen before running in the summer and this is my favorite sunscreen. I like using spray on before my runs because it’s much faster than using lotion sunscreen. This sunscreen is specially designed for sports/being active which is a plus. 

Extras: a running hat and sun glasses may be helpful for running when it’s very sunny. 
How do you beat the heat while running in the summer?


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