First Week of College Cross Country

Hi everyone! Sorry I have missed so many blog posts; I’ve been busy with moving into college and cross country practice. I’m a sophomore this year and I want to share what the first week of collegiate cross country looks like. This post is based on my division III cross country team.


Monday-Day 1:

Monday was move in day. I got another single room for this year and I’m very excited about it. When I first walked in it looked super small but now it feels cozy and I have room for everything. After moving in to my dorm in the morning I met my team for lunch in the campus dining hall and then we had a meeting to go to. After that we went for a short run and then went to my coach’s house for a team cookout. After the cookout I put up more decorations in my dorm room. It was a great first day!

Tuesday- Day 2:

We had practice 9:00-11:00 and then had lunch and another meeting. I had a little bit of free time after the meeting and then I took part in a running study at the graduate center. I had a short practice that day from 4:00-5:30. After practice I had dinner and then my team met to walk downtown and get gelato. The gelato was delicious! I got a peanut butter cup flavor and a chocolate flavor.

Wednesday- Day 3:

I had a 3K time trial on the track on Wednesday for morning practice (9:00-11:00). After that was lunch and  uniform check out. For our afternoon practice we had a medicine ball circuit and an ab workout.

Thursday- Day 4:

For our morning practice we had a longer run at a park near my college. In the afternoon we had our team and individual pictures. We aqua jogged for our afternoon practice. That was my first time aqua jogging and my legs felt much better (and less sore) afterwards.

Friday- Day 5:

We went for a run during our morning practice and then we had lunch. After lunch we went to the Escape Chambers which was really fun! If you haven’t heard of it before you get locked in a room and need to find clues and keys to try to escape in under an hour. My group wasn’t able to escape in under an hour but the two other cross country groups were able to escape! After the escape chambers the team weight lifted. I missed weight lifting to go our to dinner with my Mom and Dad, which was delicious!

Saturday- Day 6:

On Saturday we drove to a lakefront to run and it was beautiful there! It was a longer run that morning. We got to stand in the lake after we were done so it was like a really cold ice bath! We didn’t have afternoon practice so some of my family came and visited and I gave them a tour of my school. I was also busy packing for our camping trip.

Sunday-Day 7:

This was the first day of our camping trip. We spending 2 nights camping in Devil’s Lake, WI every cross country pre-season. We went for a long and hilly run in the area that we were camping in, had lunch, and then hiked a little bit. We relaxed for a while on the beach and then  went to our campsite where we unpacked and played cards. We grilled out for dinner and then walked down to the lake in the evening.

Monday-Day 8:

That morning we went hiking and then aqua jogged. We went back to the campsite and had lunch and then went to Pewit’s Nest which was beautiful! I didn’t do any cliff jumping but I had fun watching other people jump off the cliff. Pewit’s Nest also has a couple rock water slides which were pretty fun (and a little dangerous) to go down. We stayed around the campsite playing games for a while and then went out for pizza for dinner. Once it got dark we went for a night run.

Tuesday-Day 9:

This was our last day of camping. In the morning we went into town and did a really hilly 10K run. Afterwards we had lunch and packed up our campsite. We got ice cream on the way home and then we were back at school. There wasn’t an official practice planned for the next day so I went home for a couple days and relaxed.



That was a look into my first week (and a few days) of my sophomore year of cross country. Cross country has already been a lot of fun this year and I haven’t even been here for two weeks yet! I have a meet tomorrow at St. Norbert College so I will be posting a race review sometime next week!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 🙂



Are you in cross country? Do you like going camping? 





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