Hi! Welcome to Be Happy and Run, I’m Megan and I am a sophomore in college. I live and go to college in Wisconsin. There are four key components to my blog: running, college, Disney, and nutrition. I also started this blog to help and inspire others to be happy! I believe that life should not be wasted being unhappy so I try to aim to be happy and positive and I want to help others be happy too! 🙂

Here is a look into the many components of my blog:


I have a passion for running and I loved running all the way back to running the mile in gym class in elementary school. I fell in love with distance running in middle school. My favorite events started as the 400m and 800m dash. My passion for running continued into high school where I ran cross country and track. I was able to make it to state my junior and senior year of cross country where I placed in the top 10 my senior year. In track I started by running the 400m and 800m but into my junior year my favorite event became the 1600m. After my cross country seasons I made the decision to run the 3200m which I loved even more than the mile. I ended up making it to the state meet for the 1600m and 3200m my senior year. I then decided to keep my running career going by racing in college.

I now attend a private university in Wisconsin and I am on their Division III cross country team. I came in 1st for a few meets and I have big goals to improve for the upcoming season and make it to Division III Nationals. Running the long runs during my summer training made me realize that I love running longer and longer distances. I decided to run half marathons in the spring instead of running track and I am happy with my decision. After my first collegiate cross country season, I ran the Mount Dora Half Marathon and the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon.  My ultimate running goal is to become a professional  runner after my collegiate cross country eligibility is over. I want to share my passion for running and my journey with others as I try to achieve my running goals.



Here are my current PRs:

800m: 2:32.91

1600m: 5:17.92

3k: 10:30

3200m: 11:41.21

4k: 15:18.57 (14:45-in a 5k race)

5k: 18:33.6 (18:00-in a 6k race)

6k: 21:29.28

Half marathon: 1:28:06



As I mentioned earlier, I attend a private university in southeastern Wisconsin. I am majoring in exercise science and an aspiring physical therapist. I share helpful tips to help college be an even more enjoyable experience.



Another one of my passions is anything and everything Disney! I have been going on Disney World vacations all throughout my childhood. I love my vacations to the Disney parks in Orlando and I will be sharing my tips/adventures while in Disney World.


I really enjoy being healthy and active so there will be many posts on being healthy and eating nutritious foods. I have had problems in the past finding the right balance and not obsessing over food and being healthy 100% of the time. I am much closer to a balance right now and I want to help others find that balance with nutrition too.




Thank you for visiting Be Happy and Run and learning more about me 🙂 I hope you have a great day!

-Megan 🙂



Contact me:

Email: behappyandrun@yahoo.com




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Belle dame says:

    Hi Megan! Thank you for taking a stop at my site 🙂 Continue spreading happiness ❤ and I will take note of your Disney adventure tips (since I wanna go there too… someday! soon! XD )


    Liked by 1 person

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