Friday Favorites: Hollywood Studios 

Happy Friday! Its been a few weeks since I did a Disney Friday Favorites post so I decided today to talk about Hollywood Studios!

I really love Hollywood Studios and all of the great rides and shows. I went on Rockin’ Roller Coaster for the first time last winter and it was pretty fun! I still haven’t gone on Tower of Terror yet because I’ve been too scared but I am determined to go on it next time I visit Disney World!


Favorite ride: Toy Story Midway Mania and The Great Movie Ride 

I love playing the 3D midway games at Toy Story Midway Mania; it reminds me of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! Its also so much fun to play against another person! The Great Movie Ride is my other favorite in Hollywood Studios.


Favorite entertainment/show: Indiana Jones and Fantasmic

I had to pick two favorites for this category too. I love the Indiana Jones stunt show; it is one of the shows that I can’t miss while I’m in Hollywood Studios. Fantasmic is just an amazing show with all the characters, lights, and fireworks!



Favorite restaurant: Backlot Express

I have eaten at Backlot Express a few times before and I have really enjoyed my food every time!


Favorite dessert shop: Sweet Spells

I love getting the huge chocolate chip Mickey cookies!


Favorite gift shop: Once Upon a Time

I love all the gift shops on Sunset Boulevard but I think Once Upon a Time is my favorite store! It has so many different types of souvenirs. Side note-I also love the TV show Once Upon a Time!


What are your favorite things in Hollywood Studios? 


Healthy Eating in Disney World

As I have mentioned earlier, I usually pack meals for myself while in Disney World. My family always stays off Disney property so we do not get the Disney Dining Plan. When going to Disney World, my family stays in a condo with a full kitchen. This makes it very easy for me to prepare my meals. However, if you are unable/don’t want to prepare meals to bring into the park there are many healthy options throughout Disney World.

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Friday Favorites: Magic Kingdom 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have been having a great summer! 🙂

I love Magic Kingdom. I think it feels the most magical and the most like Disney, especially with Cinderella Castle. 🙂 I really enjoy everything in Magic Kingdom but I wanted to share some of my favorite things.

Favorite land: Frontierland 

This was a tough choice because I really like Frontierland and Fantasyland but I had to go with Frontierland. I love Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. There is also a pretty large pin shop called Frontier Trading Post; I love pins so I also love this store!

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Day at Magic Kingdom 2015


Last summer my family and I went on vacation in Florida and we did one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Disney Springs. My family and I have been to Magic Kingdom many times but this was the best day that we have had there.  We went on all the rides that we wanted to and didn’t wait in line for too long.

Here is a review of our day:

We woke up around 5:25. My family and I stay in a condo that is on the Gulf of Mexico so it’s about a 2 hour drive to Disney. We then got ready and left around 6:20.

We got to Magic Kingdom so early that taking a bus there was our only option. The monorail and ferry weren’t open yet. By the time we got in front of the train station it was around 8:20 which was great because I wanted to see the Welcome Cermony.  During the welcome ceremony most of the Disney character come riding in on the train and there is lots of music and dancing.  It finishes with a countdown to the park opening and a few fireworks!

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Disney World Parks Packing List 

Besides running I also love Disney and Disney World. I have taken many vacations to Disney World and I just love it and have a lot of fun while I’m there. I have developed a packing list of what I bring with me into the parks and I’m sharing it with you to help maximize your time and fun in the parks!

I like to bring a backpack with me while I’m in Disney World. I don’t mind carrying a backpack and it hasn’t been a problem on any of the rides (On the roller coaster rides like Expedition Everest and Rockin Roller Coaster I would wrap the backpack straps around my ankles so my backpack wouldn’t fly out). If you don’t want to carry everything around all day there are lockers that you can rent inside the park.

Recently I have been using the backpack pictured below which I got  from one of the shops in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

I then fill up my backpack with the following items:

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